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Great Beers – Small Breweries
(Suuret Oluet – Pienet Panimot = SOPP)
is Finland ́s largest event for microbreweries

The first event was organized at Lahti Passanger Harbour in 2003. This traditional beer festival has established itself as a popular summer event and in 2023 will take place in the following cities:

  • TAMPERE 25.-27.5.2023
  • VANTAA 9.-10.6.2023
  • LAHTI 6.-8.7.2023
  • HELSINKI week 1 19.-22.7.2023
  • HELSINKI week 2 26.-29.7.2023
  • TURKU 10.-12.8.2023
  • OULU 24.-26.8.2023

Selected as Finnish Travel Event of the Year 2016, it was also granted the EcoCompass certificate for the event in Helsinki.

The emphasis in the event is on craft beers, ciders, longdrinks, sahti and distillery products. The ingredients, local labour and know-how are based on finnish quality standards and products are truly local.

In the previous years these events have drawn more than 50 000 visitors consuming more than
50 000 litres of various beverages. More than 40 members of Finnish Microbrewery Association are presenting and serving their products. In addition variety of food will be available.

Cheers and Kippis!

SOPP online ticket available:

Great beers – Web View

Contact information

Event organiser:

Lammin Sahti Oy
Liesontie 554, 16900 Lammi, Finland

Contact for alcohol serving matters, stand enquiries, communications, and marketing:

Pekka Kääriäinen
Event Director
Lammin Sahti Oy
tel. +358 50 559 4013