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Great Beers – Small Breweries is a festival of Finnish beers

Great Beers – Small Breweries has now been touring Finland for 20 years!

Selected as Finnish Travel Event of the Year for 2016, it was also granted the EcoCompass certificate for the event in Helsinki.

The festival showcases craft beers, ciders, long drinks, distillery products, and soft drinks produced by microbreweries.

In total, 2016’s Great Beers – Small Breweries events in Tampere, Lahti, Helsinki, and Jyväskylä drew more than 44,000 visitors, who sampled more than 50,000 litres of drinks from small breweries. These festivals brought together 34 companies belonging to the Finnish Microbreweries’ Association, Which all introduced and sold their products at the four events. In addition, tens of thousands of meals made from ingredients grown in Finland were served to the visitors.

This echoes the microbreweries’ focus: they base their operations on pure Finnish ingredients, and the beers and ciders are created with local labour and expertise. The results are truly local, handcrafted products, with a classic example being the Finnish farmhouse beer sahti.

Great Beers – Small Breweries is Finland’s largest showcase for microbreweries

It was held for the rst time at Lahti Passenger Harbour in 2002. The beer festival, which has established itself as a summertime tradition, is now being arranged for the 15th time, for cities across Finland!

In 2021, there will be a Great Beers – Small Breweries festival in the following cities (preliminary dates):

Information 16.2.2022:

City of Tampere
Wednesday 25.5.2022 – Saturday 27.8.2022

City of Vantaa, Peltolantori
Thursday 9.6.2022 – Saturday 11.6.2022

City of Lahti, Satamatori (Port of Lahti)
Thursday 7.7.2022 – Saturday 9.7.2022

City of Helsinki, Rautatientori 
Week 1: Tuesday 19.7.2022 – Saturday 23.7.2022
Week 2: Tuesday 26.7.2022 – Saturday 30.7.2022

City of Turku, Mannerheiminpuisto 
Thurday 11.8.2022 – Saturday 13.8.2022

City of Oulu, Kauppatori (Market Square)
Thurday 25.8.2022 – Saturday 27.8.2022

Ticket sales will begin later in spring!

The official ticket shop will be:

Great Beers – Small Breweries festivals from Finland official name is in Finnish:
Suuret Oluet – Pienet Panimot.

Contact information

Event organiser:

Lammin Sahti Oy
Liesontie 554, 16900 Lammi, Finland

Contact for alcohol serving matters, stall enquiries, communications, and marketing:

Pekka Kääriäinen
Event Director
Lammin Sahti Oy
tel. +358 50 559 4013
e-mail pekka.kaariainen(a)